Muscle Food!

Going to post a high protein, low sugar iced coffee tomorrow :-)

High Protein Gnocchi

gnoc·chi [nok-ee, noh-kee; It. nyawk-kee]

noun;     Italian Cookery.  a dish of little dumplings made from potatoes, semolina, flour, or a combination of these ingredients.

However, it can also be made with cheese! I used to make these with ricotta and thought, maybe it would work with cottage cheese? And it does! This ‘pasta’ dumpling dish has an astounding carb:protein ratio.


  • 250g low fat cottage cheese or quark
  • 70-80g low fat shredded cheese - parmesan is recommended, but anything will do. I used colby.
  • 140g flour (bonus points for wholewheat or wholegrain!)
  • 2 eggs

Put some water on to boil, then combine your ingredients. It will be lumpy and ugly, but that’s okay! If you process your cottage cheese beforehand it will be creamier and will not curd as easily (but it will taste the same).

Using a teaspoon to keep size uniform, scoop the mixture and roll them into little balls.

Add the balls of dough into the boiling water, leaving uncovered. Every couple minutes, remove the pot from the heat so the water can settle and you can see which gnocchi have risen to the top. These ones are cooked! Only remove the really buoyant ones, and leave the rest to cook longer. Keep ploppin’ em in while the others cook. If you are cooking a big batch, you may have to change the water 1/2 way through.

Remove them from the water with a slotted spoon, and let dry on a paper towel. They’re ugly little things but I promise they’re tasty! And I’m a picky eater.

And you now you cook ‘em! My favourite way is sautee’d in a little butter and garlic (yum!) but they’re also great with red pasta sauce or pesto. To portion your servings, weigh all the finished gnocchi and divide by 4 (this recipe makes 4 servings). Mine came out to about 120g a serving. Now it’s super easy to figure out your nutrition information!

Using my brands of flour, cottage cheese etc the nutrition info per serving came to:

Calories: 241
Carbs: 27g (4.25 from dietary fiber)
- Sugar: 2g
Fat: 5g
Sodium: 378mg